1. Provide wellbeing and share the path to change.
    2. Create spaces for communication and reflection to engage
    3. Expand the comfort zone and get to know each other
    4. Generate possibilities to gain  perspective and awareness
    5. Find the rhythm of our company
    6. Align with our vision, mission and values
    7. Strengthen the bond between people
    8. See how we can work and have fun at the same time.
    9. Learn, interact and live from doing, playing and feeling.
    10. Social Action redistribute part of the organizations investment to the world

    Tailored team development programs for:

    • Cohesion and personal integration to the team
    • Enhance feeling of belonging
    • Strengthen the link between members

    Programs and workshops in:

    1. Situational Leadership: styles and roles
    2. Team building to High Performance Teams
    3. Effective communication in equipment
    4. Motivation 3.0
    5. Stress management
    6. Creativity and innovation
    7. Mindfulness
    8. Emotional Intelligence
    9. Non-violent or assertive communication
    10. Coaching tools


    • Events
    • Sales conventions, R.R.H.H., C.E.O.
    • Congresses

Corporate Music Therapy , Team building services


High-impact sessions at a personal and organizational level where    we will accompany team members to be more collaborators, dynamic, creative, decisive, cooperative, competitive, talented and motivated through experiential learning.

In our  programs, workshops and corporate events music, coaching, NLP and Mindfulness melt in  a creative and cohesive process to facilitate and promote communication, learning, expression, organization in order to satisfy personal and social needs in the company.

We believe in the possibility of positively affecting the corporate environments for a global change.

Eminently experiential and practical to bring  awareness to  participants of the theoretical foundations on the topics discussed engaging with their own resources.

Feedbacks and debriefing after the dynamics focused on working specific objectives will allow us to integrate  learnings to prepare us for  action.

In Music Training Lab we walk with teams towards your  objectives all as one.

Workshops given nationally or internationally.

For any further  information to design your own program / workshop or lab  please contact info@musictraininglab.com