CONECTION: Comunication and leadership

Influence is the key word. We work different dynamics in groups with the help of a coach to become aware of our leadership style and what moves us in life.

In the search of situational personal leaders who understand that their way of being and presence is already creating a difference.

Eminently practical, dynamic and learning workshop where we enhance our skills or soft skills by integrating techniques and practical tools for professional use

  • Module I: Leadership and styles
  • Module II: Social styles
  • Module III: H.P.T High Performance Teams
  • Module IV: Useful Tools of Coaching, P.N.L and Mindfulness


  • Understand what moves us
  • Influence others with the example.
  • Identify our style

Duration: 16 hours in 4 modules of 5 hours.
Location: National or international.
Languages: English, Spanish, Catalan