In the Chamber of Commerce in the day Corporate Entrepreneurship: Innovate and grow with your employees  potential. The report prepared by the sub commission on corporate entrepreneurship by the Spanish Association of Directors was presented. Speakers:


Pablo Hortal Give  Eventis

Fernando Mazón MH Group

Ignacio Mestre Manager F.C.Barcelona


Summarizing and referring to the presented report:

Among those attending large, medium and small businesses. Summarizing the report emphasizes the fact that after this crisis, nothing will be as before. The change will mark in the models and corporate structures.

The way to lead you pass through enhancing the entrepreneurial skills of employees for organizations to become more innovative, flexible and sustainable structures. Those with greater adaptability and anticipation will have a longer life.

Hence detecting new trends and opportunities: customers and market will depend more on the skills of employees among with their leader. We must facilitate the retention of talent and identifying those employees who can lead and lead change, and strengthen the commitment of workers.

If the leader is convinced that the contribution of all employees is a key point  for the company to do well, the results will come sooner or later, but if , that mentality should onwards in a way to all workers of the company.

You have to adapt well to changes and survive in a less predictable, more ambiguous and more competitive environment in which we are immersed. Having to adapt to new processes, organizational structures, ways of taking decisions and thinking, new values ​​and most likely need people  new talent. It tends to flat structures that favor quick and agile decision-making. This new reality has to flow. Successes should be communicated and shared with the rest of the organization.

Entrepreneurs are professionals moving in continuous improvement seminars given portfolio workshops, events and workshops or networking meeting points.

Some obstacles will have to avoid as  to make in maximum terms of   venture  which seeks an optimal point but it isn´t  usual so as there is resistance from workers of the organization. The leader is responsible to inspire and facilitate this process, open-minded capable of being, helping – not imposing-, receiving ideas – not only generating them – participating and listening. The opposite of  I command and you obey.

A report in which  could be added, perhaps in  not a too distant future,  the use of music therapy as well as other effective preventive therapies in empowering people to greater well-being that affects both personal and work life