The process of change in corporate environments  requires will and  the obvious involvement of company management. Too often short-productivity is searched over the long-term welfare. Phrases like: ” Here you have my team to work with” take the team further away of  their potential and possibilities as a oneself.

Events, incentives, outings, dinners, meetings and more meetings do not include the path of the process. The union of the resources that tools like  musictherapy and coaching combined are a powerful weapon for change and improvement in the company. Leaving the comfort zone and the unpredictability of results  teaches us to live with uncertainty as in real life.

The road  to corporate welfare is a long one. The simple fact of thinking that in  the company we spend  lived about 90,000 hours of our lives with people, sometimes strangers, colleagues, partners, investors, managers, subordinates, friends, brothers should make us reflect on the importance of being in it. This  investment in health and reduces labor costs low, delays, stress, depression, and low productivity. As simple as introducing elements that include people as such, outside of work, emotion, needs, achievements, etc .. in a comprehensive more human and natural  manner.

Now 4 pillars are into the considered in to corporate welfare:

  • Physical activity that requires physical inactivity control
  • Healthy eating that precise weight control
  • Sleep and rest that precise control of exhaustion.
  • Positive attitude that requires stress management.