drum circle 2


  1. A Drum Circle has multiple applications Team Building, Wellness, Education, leisure,  Celebrations, Spiritual, Personal Growth and Health.
  2. A Drum Circle is not a music class, it is not batucada, it is not a rehearsal or a concert.
  3. A Drum Circle is a group of people placed in a circle, with percussion instruments where a facilitator shapes and directs the music that is generated at the moment.
  4. A Drum Circle is a space to play and have fun co-creating as a team.
  5. Depending on the objective we used different  facilitation dynamics.
  6. Drum Circles allow working by playing points such as: leadership,  group efficiency, communication, motivation with direct outcome on  wellbeing and productivity.
  7. In a Drum Circle the contribution of each person to the group make that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.


  • Empowers the feeling of belonging and Team Spirit
  • Reduces stress levels
  • Stimulates creative thinking
  • Helps to cooperate, listen, respect, complicity and communication between participants.
  • Music is a Universal language that transcends beyond the personal, organizational or cultural level bringing us together as ONE.
  • Awareness through the feedbacks and debriefings in the games in the Drum Circle allows us to work fundamental values of any organization.
  • In Remo Health Rythms you can see some related scientific studies: http://remo.com/experience/?type=research
drum circle