Just starting  the XXI century there are numerous emerging questions concerning our ability to manage challenges. Therefore, new leaders need  to face new challenges in a different way  from previous times and with  new tools.

After years of research  in books management, leadership development, J. Martin Hays and Christopher C. Kim, found the eight essential categories  of the XXI century leadership which are are:

  • Learning – learning as a leader and teacher.
  • Service – Helpful Leadership.
  • Transformational Power.
  • Emotional intelligence and authenticity.
  • Capacity of complexity and strategic thinking.
  • Leader as a wise, virtuous and ethical.
  • Leading integrator.
  • Engineer and builder of social relationships.

As music therapists we realize it the way to go and the various bridges of interconnection between our work and coaching, the P.N.L different specific experiential leadership programs when developing these eight points. From musical metaphors come to the unconscious as smell does : of a clear, direct and forceful. Many leading features are inherent to the human person and form. But as sculptures, are malleable, deformable, permeable and impressionable. If we can believe in change we can change..

As you raise Hays and Kim, we see this interconnection allows the therapy to enhance some of these points as:

Music is a great tool for working purposes socializing, integrating; unifying a good leader transmits its surroundings.

The music allows people to serve as a good facilitator that makes things easier for others.

Each song is different and own creation, but also a reflection of our internal states and therefore knowing yourself . The emotional quality and transformational power are much needed today as much as  the air we breathe.

And as always the teacher and student learning, we like saying that who teaches learns twice.

We recommend the article you will find full Internet “Transforming Leadership for the 21st Century” by Christopher J.Martin Hay and C.Kim.