The most important part of  any organizations are people. People who spend most of the day sharing time, space, resources, knowledge, objectives and results.

In the quest for greater communion among the group companies are increasingly investing in activities of cohesion based on projects such as raft building, paintball, paella, etc… a series of specific dynamics that meet the objective set in advance by the company. After the event, they return to the routine with the  memory of a moment in time where they shared something different.

Change processes require prior assessment of the group or team (as the state of the organization) to see the point at which it is for the road is the shortest way to achieve the specific. objective. In this case, the cohesion and integration will allow us to continue to other higher point as a team, as a unit. That moment in time requires a defined strategy to hold.

Music therapy allows us to streamline and facilitate (through a series of provided resources) in which people participate actively to break all the barriers between themselves and the other participants. Music (rhythm, melody, harmony) of the hand of a music therapist highlighting the extent of the potential participants , through, musical metaphors relating  the person and the company. Respect, listening, trust, cooperation and collaboration are values ​​in which the new paradigm companies are based evolving as living organisms  in which all people are important. Values ​​reflected in the process of Training,  growth and change.

The accompaniment and transformation, requires time for assimilation, processing and sedimentation. Once the seeds of change in the organization, resources and energy fit  in a well-designed plan for the transformation of interpersonal relationships is planted, the change is not just temporarily, but lasts over time.

The question is: how long can these changes are sustainable in time? The answer, despite having defined programs, depends on hours, money, … depends. It depends on where the organization, designs, the change will be. As programs correspond to the peculiarity of each company. There aren´t two exact companies.

Solmat Music Training Lab makes available companies tools in which learning by doing has become the learn by playing. Where in addition throughout the game we achieve the objectives previously detected in the company beforehand. As in any process of change, new problems and new challenges will appear and will be conquered.