This is a Daily beast article written by Dale Eisinger who we thank for these  interesting results of drumming and testimonials. A growing body of research shows that drumming has a positive effect on Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, depression, PTSD, and more. YouTube user Mr Fasthands65 has posted more than 1,000 videos of himself drumming on top of popular […]


Solmat Musictherapy begins this 2014 with a new website where we offer our services to people and organizations to bring the benefits of music therapy closer to them. Since 2008 we have seen the real need for a different approach to training, from the perspective that includes the whole person . With this blog we […]

Team building with the Music Training Lab methodology

Team building is a series of very broad and varied dynamics, having a common goal: to improve interpersonal relationships between members of a team. At Music Training Lab we implement our own and innovative team building methodology, using resources from music, coaching, NLP and Mindfulness. These tools allow us to facilitate and promote communication, learning […]

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A drum circle is a fun drum and percussion jam, typically with players of varying musical levels, ages and ethnicities. Most commonly , a drum circle is an entry level event into the world of recreational musicmaking, as you need no previous musical experience. Music in general and percussive music in particular brings people together in a common, celebratory […]

Do you want to improve the well-being of your organization with a Drum Circle?

Workplace well-being is a concern that is becoming increasingly important in organizations. A satisfied work team is essential to guarantee a proper corporate operation. However, how can we improve the happiness of our employees? The Drum Circle is a fun activity that is carried out as a team with the aim of improving employee relations, […]

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Find the best version of your organization

Music Training Lab programs are born from the pretense of changing paradigms in the business world. Increasingly, corporate wellness is a priority for organizations because they understand that it is critical to achieving their goals. In this sense, Music Training Lab has long assumed the task of obtaining emotionally sustainable companies as a result of […]

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