Empowering and Connecting people through our MTL method.


Would you like to increase your confidence levels to overcome all challenges ?

Do you want to become a positive leader for your team?

Do you think you can improve your communication skills?

Can you offer a better version of yourself?

Would you like to get more out of your comfort zone and enjoy the change?

If your answer is yes, the #MTL Method will help you achieve these points through an innovative and proven methodology.

What will we do?
1. Empower personal leadership
2. Work as a team from experience
3. Increase confidence in oneself and in the team

What will we do?

1. Empower personal leadership

2. Work as a team from experience

3. Increase confidence in oneself and in the team

How will we do it?

1. We will empower and connect with our inner leader and his best version on a personal and professional level.
2. It is a training based on experience, experiential and practical.
3. We use proven tools and techniques such as coaching, NLP, classical training, music and Mindfulness.
4. We will become aware of our potential and resources to shine even more.

Why us?

1. We are trainers with more than 20 years of experience in the educational world accompanying people in their personal development
2. We are pioneers in the use of music with team coaching, focusing on communication, leadership, emotional management, creativity and communication skills in the corporate world.
3. We are facilitators of change by carrying out services tailored to our clients around the world through programs, workshops, seminars, conferences or events.

Throughout this program we will work on different group dynamics with the help of a coach to become aware of our leadership style and what improves our performance.

It is an eminently practical, dynamic and learning training where we enhance our skills or soft skills by integrating techniques and practical tools for use on a personal and professional level.

This is exactly what you are going to learn:



Creative Leadership in the XXI Century


ICE BREAKERS through play, movement and creativity


MUSIC CIRCLE: Own and Team Rhythm





Who are Oliver Solano and Mercè Mateo and why should I trust them?

We are Mercè and Oliver, directors and founders of Music Training Lab. We are also facilitators of change trained in Coaching and NLP by the ICF at the Gestal Institute and Music Therapy at the Institut Superior Estudis Psicològics of the University of Vic.

 For more than 10 years we have been dedicated to helping people, companies and their work teams to manage their emotions to achieve their goals on a personal and professional level through tailored  programs and sessions where we use coaching, NLP and music therapy in favor of corporate wellness.

 We both lived a great moment of transition in our lives on a personal and professional level that made us focus on new horizons.

 Mercè lived in a relationship that had been ending for a long time, consuming her and emotionally draining her. In that same year she was operated on for a pathology that was aggravated by stress. It was then that he decided to cultivate his interiority through music, group dynamics and Buddhist meditation.

 Oliver decided to change the course of his work life by suffering burnout. He followed the intuition of joining two of his passions, such as the accompaniment of people and music. He joined his knowledge in Business Administration with his long career in teaching and preventive music therapy, which allowed him to integrate, innovate and undertake in the world of HR, providing something totally new, putting people at the center and demonstrating that the stress levels of the people in the collaborating companies were reduced by 53%.

 With the intention of acquiring greater self-knowledge and personal development that would provide us with tools to manage our emotions and stress, we signed up for the Master of Music Therapy. There we met and became travel companions.

 Together we have developed the MTL (Motivational, Transformational and Leadership) method in which we apply our knowledge to accompany people and organizations in their change processes.

 More than ten years later, we have created a beautiful large family and Music Training Lab, an exciting project that allows all types of organizations to improve their corporate well-being.

 Who are Oliver Solano and Mercè Mateo and why should I trust them?

We have worked with …


Silvia Fradera, Founder of Ready for People

Dra. Amor Aradilla, Coordinator of the Teaching Quality and Educational Innovation Unit of the Gimbernat University Schools

Rosa Mir, Director of the Center for Minors of the Fundació Ciutat i Valors

Elisabet Font, Project Manager Custom Programs – UPF Barcelona School of Management

Mercè José, Director of the Tourist Products Unit and coordinator of the Cercle de Turisme at Diputació de Barcelona

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