Last weekend we had the opportunity and privilege to share precious moments where   time just fades with 25 other people from different parts of Europe with a common interest: music and the uses of it for the Community.

Teambuilding when we see the Community as a team. And it may be a school, business, organization, family, etc. Furthermore, one thinks of a training where the base is a musical part as  Drum circles, but  I would not have imagined the magnitude of the power of transformation of such a workshop.

As  Arthur Hull says Playshop, as you come to play and also as  a good American to buy. It is true that the marketing of this father of the current facilitated drum circles is overwhelming. One gets lost,  takes one of his books on the subject, hanging with its symbol, paddle drums or other training in Hawaii celebrating his 20 years on the island leaflets.

Here we have much to learn. The backpack is full after travelling over  40 years in the world of facilitation in drum circles. It has made himself a funny, charming, adventurous, wizard, character … a character of story they come. Creating and bringing in the communities where it is necessary a greater listening, respect, collaboration, cooperation, teamwork, raising of the spirits, all we can give through the Drum Circles.