SOCIALLY COMMITTED TO (click and donate)

At Music Training Lab we are socially committed.

For years, we have been adding efforts with non-profit organizations as well as individuals to people to get to know their projects in different formats:

  • Drum Circles
  • Interactive storytelling with values
  • Musictherapy sessions.
  • Individualized coaching sessions

All these altruistically and free.

Year after year we collaborate in the form of social action with the Hospital San Juan de Dios, Acción Solidaria con el Sahara, Oxfam Intermón, Cáritas, Proactiva Open Arms and a wide range of small local associations.

We donate part of our company profits for solidarity projects

Last October we received the Socially Compromised Women’s Talent Award. That is why we have found the importance of being able to spread the different collaborations and projects with which we are aligned so that we can echo and make a small contribution to change.