Solmat Musictherapy begins this 2014 with a new website where we offer our services to people and organizations to bring the benefits of music therapy closer to them. Since 2008 we have seen the real need for a different approach to training, from the perspective that includes the whole person .

With this blog we will be complementing our web page with additional information on prevention and stress management, team building, drum circles, Emotional Intelligence, Relaxation, multiple intelligences, TDH -A, active elderly people, conferences, proposals, books, videos, reviews, bloggers, pages, links … in all formats.

Over the recent years Solmat Music therapy has become established in different areas especially in business, health and education. In many countries music therapy is officially recognised, other professionals from different specialties using it to enhance its benefits and make it a part of interdisciplinary teams.

Music is in all of us. In some cases we recover the musical child we have within as we take him/her out to play. In the womb as from the first 20 weeks the ear has already developed so that we are being stimulated by the heartbeat of our mother, liquids running inside, while sounds from outside are muffled as if we were submerged in the water of an amniotic bath. The influence of the voices that accompany us and outside sounds begin to define the being we are.

Each of us has our own I.S.O. ( Sound Identity), a musical history characteristic defined by where we have grown up, varying from whether we have been brought up in Catalonia, Argentina, Morocco, India or any other country. The sounds and vibrations vary from one family to another. The sound environment of the mountain, city or sea … everything is different with a characteristic influence on each of us.

We are musical beings. Music therapy is, according to the World Federation of Musicoterapy : ” The use of music and/or musical elements ( sound, rhythm, melody and harmony ) by a qualified music therapist to one or more persons in a process to facilitate and promote communication, learning, motor skills, speech, organization in order to meet physical, emotional, mental , social and cognitive needs . ” . so, depending on the specific objectives that we want to achieve we define, explore, evaluate, transform and support our clients and users to obtain these specific targets.

Our background in the field of training and enterprise allows us to apply a model in which we mix ordinary training, consulting, coaching and preventive music therapy to induce these changes in a short period of time.

The resources used vary depending on our client.

Invest in health through training.