Enhance the personal and professional development of your team with the virtual team building of Music Training Lab

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The current emergency situation has destabilized our personal and professional well-being. Uncertainty, stress and difficulty in socializing are the main emotional problems we face. However, these moments of crisis can be an opportunity for growth at all levels. From Music Training Lab we have started a new virtual team building program to build emotionally sustainable companies.

Online team building work on key aspects in favor of group cohesion connecting   members of the team. Our experts are in charge of creating a virtual space to integrate and reinforce personal connections through coaching, NLP and music Dynamics.

Virtual team building sessions

The program consists of four one and a half hour sessions focused on different topics. In each module  participants work on communication, knowledge, connection and creativity with fun and enjoyable activities that lead us to reflection. In this way, we promote cooperation, respect and unity of our team.

Session I: Introduction

Ice-breakers and technical space

Music Dynamics created online for teams

Technical elements in zoom and instruments

Session II: Focus

Presence and attitude

Group – Team – Team High performance

Training curve and 5 team disfunctions

Session III: Emotional intelligence

Empathy and assertiveness

Stress management and Mindfulness

Emotional leadership

Session IV: Creativity

Techniques for generating ideas

Proper lens design

Generative emotional state

Do you want to know more about virtual team building? Get in touch with us and we will solve your doubts.


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