Team building with the Music Training Lab methodology

beneficios drum circle

Team building is a series of very broad and varied dynamics, having a common goal: to improve interpersonal relationships between members of a team.

At Music Training Lab we implement our own and innovative team building methodology, using resources from music, coaching, NLP and Mindfulness. These tools allow us to facilitate and promote communication, learning and expression of work teams to achieve personal and corporate well-being.

Recently, we have worked to improve the cohesion and communication of a marketing agency team. We have adapted our dynamics to their characteristics and needs, reformulating Module I: Team Building of the Be One Program.

The objective of the session was to find the principles and values of the agency, in addition to unite the team through different activities. We worked on the values that participants had previously given us to define the company and the team. Dynamism, agility, cooperation, solidarity … are some of the concepts that emerged.

A fundamental part of the activity was addressed at thinking and expressing the team’s basic principles: respect, trust and vulnerability. Our methodology believes in the importance of listening to each other, observing and empowering ourselves, leaving our comfort zone.

Music is an essential element in this whole process. Therefore, the day ended in a fun and stimulating way, with the participation of the team in a Drum Circle. This musical activity has multiple applications and one of them is precisely team building.

Through rhythm, we managed to synchronize, go all together, and make music together more effectively. Each one has to find his personal rhythm to be able to fit in and strengthen the team.

Throughout the process, a facilitator accompanies and guides the group. Its indications manage to shape the musical notes of the components. The result is a cohesive team that creates music, learns values and has fun.




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