We had the opportunity to attend to the The VI Forum Alqvimia of Happiness  conference with 3 great life examples  as Sister Lucia Caram, Joan Melé Triodos Bank and Idili Lizcanolo in PIMEC Barcelona where a lot of people came to listen, share and feel , spirituality, consciousness in business world … some of the things that were said  are summarized below.

There is the need for close leadership  in which matches what is said and what is being done. In addition to a dose of passion at work which is been already set from the heart, love.

The spiritual leader has to lead proving with it´s own  example and is also  at the service of others. It also has certain virtues such as wisdom, intuition and motivation.

One of the concepts that resonates to us  in  different places where we go and furthermore what we believe in  Solmat Music Music Training Lab  is how I serve, help others and meet the needs with genuine interest. Taking an attitude that matches consistency between what I say and what I do. Those who call users, patients, clients, … are just traveling companions. We must radiate the passion in what we do and how we do it. We all work for the happiness of all. We offer intangible values. The new leader must exercise close  leadership 1 2 1.

In a diseased growth with limited resources,  poorly managed with a lack of values ​​in many  leaders  moves in an heartless economical  society. Some companies try to humanize the economy. But as in the mind there are two parts:  neurotic – emotional suffering and other altruistic with which you have to connect where being, requires a personal effort that organizations ultimately end up being more profitable and offer greater quality in its products and the services.

How can we help others?

Prosperity comes from the generosity inspired by nature.


PART II: Coming Out

In this part they  talked about becoming  known as the spiritual being in the business world. Divininty exists in every human being and therefore there is a chance of encounter. It is the alchemy of the meeting. So there is also the search for the other. I am meeting to see what we can do together for the world.

Normally when we discuss or argue there is  conflict  and often arises but it disappears when we take action. So we must act. Pass the world of ideas to the Earth. Spirituality is in force, the passion, the commitment in the day to day when you give you give your  depth to the fullest.

It is when being, your existence, is good news for others.

We speak of teamwork and heal them of neurosis to go towards altruism. See the divine in the other. You have to be in tuned with people and align with people alike. People who are toxic have to be worked out.



Triodos Bank is a company, an agency related to the whole. We work with mutual dependence. And the company’s goal is to create a better world. And there’s a mantra that like to say which is:

“Only community health is reflected in the mirror of the soul, the community is reflected in each of us.

We are unique. Some of the values ​​that we have seek are transparency and collaboration, being present for others,  service turns people into good people personal and professionally.

There is a glimpse of the mystic entrepreneur. There is a transformation process which lives in full consciousness in a brotherhood in which everything unites us. We work to promote this transformation process. There is a search and retrieval of the Common Good,  how  can we contribute to society?

The way to contribute to the rest is with Love.

Neurosis money.

Let in love atoms dance the economy.

In society there is a very strong neurosis of Egobuilding  played in seeking ego growth,  more and more, I, I, I …

We must create spaces for communication, communications, conference. Create spaces for tolerance, fellowships, empathy, love … connect with the energy of love vary consciousness meditation, coexistence, love another level so it is necessary to change.

Being unselfish is profitable



2 FORCES: living in the spiritual world and the other is living  the money.

Whether the money is not bad. There is a responsibility about what  I do with that money. I want to generate. Money is not to be saved,  is to die in a donation. Money and awareness.

Summarizing the contributions of these three speakers:

WELCOMING WITH YOUR HEART, tune, welcome and listen.

SIMPATHETIC , feel the other, teamwork.

GENEROSITY, deliver money creates consciousness of love.

HUMILITY, in everything you do giving importance as if the world depended on it.

NEW PARADIGM, ethics, responsibility, responsibility, love, ethical, practical attitudes.